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5 Easy Ways to Make your Bedroom a Calming Place

bedroom furniture

After a busy day dealing with work, family and everything else going on in the world, you should reward yourself by having a relaxing bedroom to go to. This is the foundation for a good night’s sleep. A calm place will help restore your mood and allow your body and mind to relax and restore […]

Making the Sofa Look Impressive in Your Living Room

living room

Getting the perfect Sofa look for your home It’s likely that you have multiple sofa sets in your home, and decorating them is the key to great design. It’s important to get the look right, so getting it correct can benefit you in a number of ways. When you choose a sofa style, you are […]

Give Your Home Office A Makeover

home office furniture

Your home office interior design is important because it can affect your efficiency and creativity. Therefore it is important to make sure that you have your office designed appropriately to help you work even better. Take a look at our tips below to turn your office into a stylish but practical working space. Is Your […]

How To Choose The Right Mattress For A Bad Back


People often do not spend enough time and energy on researching and choosing the right mattress for their individual needs. If you sleep in a bad bed, it can affect any back problems that you have, and even create new ones.  Therefore, you need a mattress that supports and relieves pressure on your body correctly. […]

How To Organise Your Wardrobe


Is your wardrobe overflowing with items? Are you wanting to organise it into a welcoming, neat space? You are by no means the only one struggling with a chaotic wardrobe. The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to help you organise your wardrobe. Read on for advice. Have A Good Clear […]

Furniture For Your Home – What to Consider When Buying Furniture


Buying furniture for your home is one of the most important investments you will make. At Flanagans, we have generations of experience supplying Ireland with the best and most affordable furniture on the market. You want to get the best value for your money and make sure that you are buying something that will last […]

6 Quick and Easy Tips To A Better Design For Your Dining Room.

Dining Room

A quick guide on how to design a dining room with 6 easy steps. In this article we will look at some topics including colour schemes, furniture choice, and much more. Our team has the experience needed to guide you through laying out your new dining room or for choosing the perfect furniture.  1. THINK […]