Flanagans is a family-run indigenous Irish furniture business.. Flanagans represents the next chapter in an illustrious family business legacy stretching back to WWII. Founded by James Flanagan in 1946, the company started out buying and selling antiques and second hand furniture in the city of Derry. With a keen eye and a keener wit he painstakingly built a name for the family in amongst many things, beautiful furniture.

As time rolled on his eldest son Brian, having graduated from College decided to join the family business. Brian, from the get go, harbored an innate love of craft and had a deepset ambition to not just source beautiful furniture, but also design and create it.

So in the early 70s Brian set about gathering the resources and growing the local expertise necessary to bring his dream from concept to reality. In time, with a honed team of cabinet-makers, upholsterers, polishers, Brian had started making a name for the family far and wide as not just providers, but now makers, of exquisite furniture.

But as with all new ideas, not everything went smoothly. With a deteriorating economic climate in the 1980s, and a growing difficulty in retaining expertise, a change of tact was required. Brian began to make inroads into new furniture.

With their newly acquired premises in Mt Merrion, South County Dublin, they once again began reinventing themselves.

The dawn of the 90s saw Flanagan Family expanding into a diverse range of Antiques, Soft Upholstery, Bedding & Dining furniture. And with a team of craftsmen at the ready, able to custom-make almost anything, Flanagans now had an unbeatable edge in a city on the cusp of the greatest boom in the history of the state. The rise of the Celtic Tiger brought an era of prosperity for the family. Property ambitions were abound, staff numbers ballooned, and by the early noughties, along with a new found use of media, Flanagans had by then become a national household name in furniture.

Business Hours

Mon-Sun: 10am – 5pm